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Large, new properties are opting for unvented hot water systems instead of the regular combi boiler type. This type of heating system operates differently in that it takes in cold water supply from the cold mains water feed and delivers hot water at the mains pressure.
As such, water can be heated directly using an immersion heater or indirectly through a central heating system, solar energy or another renewable source. This new technique of heating water improves the performance of your shower and bath and provides great flexibility when installing the cylinder. It also eliminates the need for installing a cold water storage tank, especially if you are pressed for space.

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How Unvented Cylinders Work

An unvented cylinder remains under pressure from incoming water supply. The water is heated by the immersion heaters (the direct model) or the source of heat located outside the system as in the case of an indirect model. The system has an outlet pipework that distributes the hot water to multiple outlets around the property. As soon as the water in the outlet is used, pressure from the incoming cold water displaces the hot water in the cylinder.

Unvented systems come sealed hence, need an expansion vessel incorporated within the cylinder or boiler. The vessel allows water to expand in the system when heating up and accommodates the built-up pressure by up to 4.5 bar. The unvented hot water cylinders can hold up the mounting pressure and are safe to use, especially when fitted with the right pressure equipment.

Benefits of an Unvented Hot Water System

Frees up space: The most obvious benefit is that the system frees up more valuable space from a property and provides higher water pressure when compared to an open-vented water system. This is mainly because unvented systems feed directly from the mains. It explains why unvented systems are often installed in loft conversions, properties that want to get rid of cold-water tanks and those looking for systems that can fit in small spaces.

Reduced chances of contamination: With an unvented hot water system, you no longer need to install a cold water storage tank, which increases the chances of contamination. The system comes sealed hence, minimising contamination.

Reduced freezing: During extended winter seasons, most water systems freeze. Unvented systems, however, draw water directly from the mains hence, no provision for the water tank freezing when you are away or during the cold season.

Reduced Noise in the System: An unvented hot water system does not need a water storage cistern hence, no cold water is filling up the system.

Why Hire Us

Ensure Compliance with Local Building Regulations

To ensure safety and compliance with the UK building regulations, we assign tasks regarding the installation of unvented hot water systems to engineers who have G3 qualification. It allows them to carry out the project confidently and notify the local building control regulators in your area.

We Provide Annual Servicing and Maintenance

Unvented hot water systems should be serviced every year to ensure they perform optimally and are safe to use. Annual checks also validate the manufacturer’s warranty and ensure the cylinder operates in compliance with the building regulations.

Help When Choosing a Cylinder

Given the different types of unvented hot water cylinders in the market, it is essential to engage expert help when choosing a cylinder for your property. Most cylinders designed for domestic use have a capacity of 90-400 litres. However, it does not mean you purchase the largest as it may exceed your household needs. Our professionals will help you determine the amount of water you need for your household and help you select a system that caters to your requirements.

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