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East London Gas Safety Testing & Certification

Landlords are required to rent out properties that have been issued with a gas safety certificate. The certificate is a legal document that proves that all gas appliances have been checked by gas safety engineers within the last 12 months.

It is also known as CP12 or CORGI Proforma and dates back to when CORGI was responsible for ensuring the safety of gas appliances in a property. BHS professionals are trained to perform gas safety checks, and landlords can count on us for this service and issuance of the gas service contract. Landlords have to meet certain requirements to obtain this certificate:

  • Appliances are checked for gas tightness
  • The engineer also tests the burner pressure and gas rates against manufacturer requirements
  • Flue flow is tested to ensure inflammable products are eliminated
  • Standing and working pressures are tested
  • Flame failure devices are inspected for satisfactory operations
  • Inspections for the presence of stability brackets
  • Inspection of the existence of unsafe operations

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How Long a Gas Safety Certificate Lasts

A CP12 certificate lasts for 12 months and is usually issued to a tenant 28 days after the last certificate expires. We advise landlords to hold on to the old certificates for at least two years as they demonstrate a history of compliance when required. Landlords who do not fulfil these safety regulations are liable to fines. They may be required to provide additional protection if they try to evict a tenant. Where the tenant has his own appliances, he becomes liable to gas safety checks; not the landlord. The landlord is only required to ensure the safety of fittings and flues.

Additional Inspections

We also advise landlords to install carbon monoxide alarms in any room that is used for accommodation where solid fuel is used. As such, spaces with wood-burning stoves or a fireplace should have the alarms fitted except if the open fire is used for decorative purposes and is unusable.

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