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A central heating system is an essential component in every home. It allows heat to travel around a home through a system of pipes from the boiler. The heat can be adjusted using the central heating thermostat, radiator valves or time controller to find the suitable temperature at the right time. The installation process is labour-intensive and involves a range of tasks that can only be performed by an expert. BHS professionals not only help you install the system but choose the right heating equipment for your home.

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Types of Central Heating System

Wet Systems

They are the most popular kinds in the UK. Wet systems have boilers that burn fuel to heat water, which is then pumped into underfloor radiators or pipes to heat a home. Wet systems run on a gas boiler hence, more economical than those operated using electricity.

Electric Storage Heaters

These kind use radiators filled with bricks to store large amounts of heat. The radiators change during off-peak hours and then release the stored up energy during the day. Homes using electric storage heaters don’t have boilers but are fitted with radiators that have input and output controls, enabling the user to adjust the amount of heat emitted or stored. They are also much cheaper to install than previous heating systems and need little servicing.

Warm Air Systems

They were all the rage in the seventies hence, often found in old properties. The systems use a warm air system instead of water to heat a space. Cold air is sucked into the system and heated by the boiler then circulated around the home through ducts and released through floor or wall vents. Warm air systems heat spaces faster than other heating systems and prevent dampness and condensation from building up.

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